LOCATOR Attachment Processing - Chairside Pick-Up Method
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LOCATOR Attachment Processing - Chairside Pick-Up Method

Course Description

Step-by-step techniques on how to chairside pick-up Zest LOCATOR Housings. This instructional course reviews a clinically-based processing procedure of the LOCATOR Housings with the intention of converting a processed denture into an implant overdenture. Dr. Scherer reviews multiple steps including clinical adjustments of the denture prior to pick-up, preparing the recesses to ensure Housings aren't touching, and CHAIRSIDE attachment processing material pick-up of Housings.

Learning Objectives

1. Become familiar with denture adjustment procedures to prepare for an implant overdenture

2. Recognize clinical benefits of chairside attachment of overdenture housings

3. Learn step-by-step clinical techniques for attaching housings to a denture

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